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Farmhouse Light Fixtures In Our Home

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

So the 3 biggest things my hubby & I did in our home as soon as we moved in that completely changed the look & feel were -

1. Paint - We painted all of the rooms in the house & spruced up the trim with fresh white paint.

2. Painted our kitchen cabinets - The amazing Jill from Another Vice graciously came out & painted our kitchen cabinets for $400! That sounds steep, but most places I had called were wanting $800+ & the budget just couldn't afford that! &&& I'm horrible with paint so doing it myself wasn't an option either!

3. Changed out light fixtures - We aren't made of money so this took a little time, but slowly we swapped out light fixtures in each room to give it an easy, inexpensive update!

That's literally all we've done! Our updates have taken a while cause again $$$ & I've changed my mind on paint color a few times ... whoops!... but I wanted to take this time to share all the light fixtures that we put in our home!! The light fixtures were an inexpensive & beautiful touch that completely changed each room! My rule was that they all had to stay under $100 & I'm very happy to say that I successfully did that! Now lemme show ya where to get them! - Click the underlined titles for links!*

In the kitchen above our sink, I just wanted something very simple & clean without costing a fortune. This white industrial farmhouse fixture was perfect for the look I wanted!

Our mudroom/entryway is kind of awkward because as soon as you walk in you're immediately greeted with steps which I'm not a huge fan of - but what do ya do? Anyway - to continue a clean look with the shiplap & decor, I decided to add this white hanging light fixture. The price was great & it was a very inexpensive, beautiful update from the 1940's style nipple light! <--- If those are in your house & you love them - sorry! They just weren't my taste is all!

As much as I love having white in our house - for our tiny bathroom I decided to go with this almost black oil rubbed fixture to complement the black hardware on our bathroom vanity & sink faucet. They pair very well together & I'm so glad I went with a dark fixture in here! This light is SUPER bright & was worth every penny!!

More white light fixtures - shocker right? lol! The office/guest room is what I call "My Room" because it truly is my personality in a room with all things I love! This light fixture is white & simple, but adds a wonderful girly flare to the room that I love! The price was too awesome to pass up! Plus it's VERY bright!! The first time my hubby & I turned it on we were almost blinded!! So if you want bright light - this one is def for you!!

I bought this light fixture from Kirkland's when we first moved in last summer & unfortunately, it's no longer available on their website, but I did link it from another website! I love that it's creamy white with the metal french detail & the chippy look ultimately stole my heart too!

I featured this score on my Instagram storiees & you can see it under the highlight 'Shopping', but I scored this beauty from TJ Maxx's website for only $60! They always have light fixtures online, but if you see one you like - buy it right away because it could be gone by tomorrow!! I desperately wanted a beaded chandelier somewhere in our house because I love them & think they look cool! However, all the ones I found were very expensive, large or not exactly what I was looking for. I was geeked when I found this! It adds the perfect touch to our master bedroom! Unfortunately, it's no longer on TJ Maxx's website, so I linked one similar. It's a little more than what I paid (I paid $60 for mine), but it's kind of similar to mine!

And that's the light fixture round up, folks! All under $100 & very beautiful pieces that brought life to each room!

Here's a list of some of my favorite places to shop for light fixtures -




-TJ Maxx Online

-FB Marketplace


As I said - there are some serious, but inexpensive updates one can do to their home without it costing a fortune! And don't be mistaken, these light fixtures were bought in increments when our budget allowed for the extra! They were not all purchased at once! We don't have that kind of money! Which is how the rest of house has come along too - slowly, but surely! Take your time when shopping for light fixtures & always price compare! The same light fixtures are at a lot of stores & some are WAY more than others! Make sure you're getting a good deal! And lastly, have fun with it! It's your home, your taste & what you have to live with, so don't settle!!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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