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Peel & Stick Shiplap Wall Paper - Real Talk

After I posted a photo of my shiplap statement wall in our office/guest bedroom, I've received a dozen messages & comments from people asking me how we did our shiplap! And while there are multiple ways to do it , we took the easier route - peel & stick wallpaper.

Yup. I'm for real! It's all peel & stick wallpaper. Looks pretty real, huh?

I LOVE the clean look of shiplap, however real shiplap can be very difficult to do & very expensive. Plus, I wasn't sure how long I'd love it to commit to putting something so permanent up. And as I said, there are multiple ways to do shiplap, but we decided the wallpaper route was best for us. So for those asking - Here's the real talk on the shiplap wallpaper! The pros, the cons & our feedback!


//Why We Chose Shiplap Wallpaper -

As mentioned above, there are MULTIPLE ways to do shiplap in the home! You can do traditional, plywood shiplap, peel & stick shiplap boards or if you're talented like my IG buddy, Melissa (@melissaimbach) - you could sharpie the shiplap on! Ya...I'm not that steady handed either, but I assure you - she made it look AMAZING! I could go on forever about the multiple ways, but for our budget, time & space - the wall paper was the most practical for us! Plus I already had a roll leftover from when we did our entryway!

Shiplap Wallpaper in our Guest Bedroom

//Where to buy Shiplap Wallpaper

The shiplap wallpaper used in both our entryway & our guest bedroom is by Devine Color from Target & costs $34.99 a roll that covers 27.5 square feet. You can buy online or in store.


Shiplap wallpaper in our backdoor entryway!

Now lets get into the nitty gritty -


- The peel & stick wallpaper isn't exactly cheap per say. However, it's a less pricey alternative compared to real shiplap that you would have to buy wood for, nail to the wall, paint, etc.

- It is difficult to apply. Before purchasing, I made sure to read up on all the reviews to make sure I wasn't wasting my money. Many reviewed the product saying that the lines were difficult to match up which my husband & I found to be very true. However, with an x-acto knife - we made tweaks by cutting it to get the lines even from roll to roll.

- Is it perfect & can you tell it's wallpaper? If you get up close & nit pick - you can see minor imperfections or where the next roll started, but unless I or my husband pointed it out, you wouldn't be able to tell. To be honest, I never mention to people that it's wallpaper & when I finally do they get mind blown because it does look like the real deal.

- It does require time, patience & a little bit of cussing to get it up It's not for the weak willed. Bless my husband for making it happen!

-It only covers so much. I don't recommend this for an entire room or large area due to the cost. This is preferably better for a small space or accent wall. Make sure to measure your space & view the measurements online as well so you know how many rolls you'll need to complete your project.


-Cheaper than real shiplap (not the plywood version)

-Doesn't damage drywall

-You don't have to paint!

-Peels right off if you decide to change your mind down the road or when the trend fades

-Usually always in stock at Target

-Quicker if done by two people, but can be done with just one

-Looks real & even is textured like wood grain to the touch so it feels & appears real

-Great & easy wall to update or refresh a space

-Great for renters or apartment peeps who want the farmhouse shiplap look!

As mentioned - the peel & stick shiplap wallpaper is far from perfect, but it gets the job done & looks super nice & clean! As a personal rating - I would give it a 4 star simply because the lines don't match up from roll to roll & that can make it difficult & it's not exactly cheap! Overall though, I do love this product & may use it in other places in the future - Don't tell that to my husband yet 😊 Hope y'all found this feedback to be helpful in your questions & if you still have more - feel free to contact me!!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

P.S - Peel & stick wallpaper comes in more than just the shiplap! You purchase floral patterns, stripes, faux brick & more!


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